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Student Facilities

Student Facilities

Court Room Exercises & Moot Court ^ 

In the LL.B. course students are introduced to learn through moot court. They may be required to prepare arguments on behalf of the plaintiff or the defendant or may be asked to sit as judge and deliver judgement of case-presented before the moot court. The object is to make them to good orator and to inculcate the habit to self-study and of reading the Law Journals and periodicals. Every case presented before the moot court will be followed by a discussion.

Faculty ^
Eminent faculty has been appointed which grooms you from a layman to a lawman. The faculty of this college consists of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff who are committed to provide sharp career growth to their students and shows and opens the vistas of opportunities for learning, growing and achieving their goals.

Guest Lectures ^
The object of the faculty is not to fill the students with so much information that they sink like lead but to arouse in them desire to learn, to touch their mind so that they soar. The college has a panel of visiting experts including eminent professors, judges and senior advocates, who as guests share their outstanding knowledge and experience with the faculty and students.

Co-curricular Activities ^
The college carries out various academic and co-curricular activities during the course of the academic year, students are encouraged to take active part in each activity like – sports, cultural programme and academic tours.

Prosperous College Campus^
Class Room – Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest teaching aids make learning at Bharat Law College, a truly stimulating experience.

Exclusive moot court room – Excellent feeling of pract icing comes f rom the excel lent environment, so we provide an exclusive infrastructure as a moot court room for our students, so that they can get excellent practical knowledge.

Seminar Hall – The intellectual activities are the important part of legal education, so we organize so many seminars and legal workshops at our seminar hall.

Personality development for better professionalism^
The unique feature of Bharat Law College is the professional development module which runs parallel to the main programme.

a. In which visits of different special courts including High Courts, Hon’ble Supreme Court & top Law Universities to make Law students familiar with the court proceedings of India and they develop confidence to fight a case in lower court as well as in higher court.

b. Legal Training Capsules by legal workshops– To acquaint the students with new areas of up to date knowledge and to encourage them to bring forth their variegated abilities, we endeavour to introduce them with renowned law personality whom we invite for guest lectures, talks & Seminars, debates, extempore G.D. and symposium based on current need or burning issues. College conducts legal Aid programmes, Legal literacy camps, legal aware ness camps for Human Rights, so that Law student can get much more practical knowledge under these legal training capsules.

Code of Conduct^
A very committed and an uncompromising attitude is adopted by our institute to establish high standard of discipline either in the hostel or academic campus. Disciplinary committee has been constituted for both, BLC strives to maintain the highest ethical standards among its students and faculty. Integrity honesty and sincerity are fundamental seed inculcated at Bharat Law College. In order to achieve this, students are required to abide these traits strictly follow in all their activates at the college, the following minimum code of conduct violation of which would result in cancellation of their admission and automatic rustication of their name from the rolls of this college. 

Our Achievements in moot court competitions^
We feel proud to mention here that in inter college moot court Competition held in 2004, organised by the University of Rajasthan, out of 24 teams of different law colleges of the state, Bharat Law College achieved. 1st position in Individual as well as in Team performance-similarly in Inter University moot court competition, 2007 held by the University of Rajasthan, students of BLC Participated in the Competition very confidently and won appreciation of the Jury and audience.

Our special features^
The Bharat Law College is putting more emphasis on an integrated approach towards legal education and we want to establish our students in the most Respectable field of Judiciary and other legal professions. The BLC provides RJS Coaching Classes for Law graduates at nominal charges. We provide this coaching facility free of coast for the S.C./S.T. Students. Bharat Law College provides Coaching Classes and Crash courses for another Competitive examinations-and college gives an opportunity of placement in general assured as well as in unique legal fields by team of experts and panel of leading Advocates.