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LL.B. (3 Years Course) Annually
College Fund
Admission Fee Rs.3500/-
Transfer Certificate Fee Rs.750/-
Caution Money Deposit Rs.1000/-
Tuition Fee (Annual) Rs.10000.00
University Exam Fee (As prescribed by the Univ.)
Development Fee Rs.4000.00
Local Funds
Identity Card Fee Rs.100.00
Duplicate Identity Card Fee Rs.100.00
Seminar/ Moot Courts/ Court visit,Practical Exam Fee Rs.800.00
Library Fee Rs.800.00
TC / CC& Attendance Certificate Fee – mid session Rs.500.00

* Examination fee shall be charged at the time of filling the Exam form as per prescribed by the University


  • All above charges are non refundable.
  • Keep the fee receipts safely with you till you are admitted in institution.
  • Total fees for each session for every year must be submitted before 21st of December. After 21st December to 31st December, fees will be deposited with 10% penalty.
  • TC,CC & Attendance certificate charges will be charged at the time of issue.
  • Forwarding fee shall be charged at the time of filling exam forms by the college.
  • Any discount/concession may be given only in 1st Year, depends upon sole discretion of management.